Ellijay man arrested on sex battery charges

An Ellijay man was arrested when his former teenage girlfriend told authorities he was harassing her after they broke up and had forced himself on her sexually.

David Bolivar Jimenez, 30, of 133 Old Ridge Road, was charged March 31 by the Ellijay Police Department with sexual battery and sodomy/aggravated sodomy.

Officer Trevor McClure stated in an incident report he responded on March 27 to a “harassing communications” complaint made by a 17-year-old female because Jimenez “would not stop contacting her.” The girl said Jimenez had texted her several times asking to talk about their relationship, but she told McClure she wanted no further contact with him.

At one point Jimenez waited for the girl to get off work by sitting in a car across the street from the business, but a coworker walked her to her car, the girl said. The girl’s mother also went to Jimenez’ home and “instructed him to cease all contact with her daughter,” according to the report.

Detective Charles Colburn met with the girl on March 30 after she had “more information regarding the relationship,” a separate incident report detailed. The girl said beginning in November 2015 there was a “progression of sexual contact and a mixture of threats and force” against her by Jimenez.

The girl said Jimenez “forced her to perform sexual acts,” and when she told him no or that she was uncomfortable doing the acts, Jimenez would not stop but “would become forceful and hold her down.”


Went to church together

Since Jimenez and the girl’s family went to church together, the girl said, Jimenez told her he would threaten to tell church leaders about their relationship. 

The girl told Colburn doing so would bring “shame and disgrace upon her and her family.”

The girl said Jimemez knew this and “used the church as a threat to make her comply.”

“He would also tell her the church would make her marry him if she told anyone what they were doing,” Colburn said the girl told him. 

Colburn obtained statements from the girl on March 31 that consisted of six pages “front and back” — 12 pages in all — of handwritten material. 

Officers found Jimenez and arrested him at River Park. He was interviewed at police headquarters with help from a Spanish-speaking officer from the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office, and requested an attorney.

Jimenez was still in the county jail Tuesday, according to a spokeswoman.

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