Gilmer Democrats make progress

The newly-elected Gilmer County Democratic Committee held its first meeting on Feb. 2. These officers were elected: chair, Melba Gandy; vice-chair, Tom White; treasurer, Susan Maloney. A secretary will be elected after the committee appoints additional members. Tom White was elected to represent Gilmer on the Georgia State Democratic Committee.

Five new members, one from each of the five voting districts, are expected to be appointed. To make that happen, the elected representatives of each of the districts will call a meeting of Democrats in their districts for the purpose of getting to know each other, exchanging ideas about what the party might do locally and becoming informed about progress to date.  

Participants will have an opportunity at their district meeting to express any interest they may have in volunteering to work with the party.

The list of individuals who will receive invitations to the district meetings is not comprehensive. If you are a Democrat but have not attended one of the last two meetings in January, it is unlikely your representative has contact information for you. In this case, contact your representative (see below) if you are interested in participating in Party affairs:

District A — Susan Maloney,, represents you if you vote at the Civic Center on South Main Street or the RESA Building on Old Highway 5 South.

District B — Tom White,, represents you if you vote at the Flat Creek Fire Station on Highway 382 or Tails Creek Clubhouse on Church Road.

District C — Millie Hastings,, represents you if you vote at the Boardtown Clubhouse, Coosawattee Shrine Club or Mountaintown Fire Station.

District D — Rick Day,, is your representative if you vote at the Lions Club on South Main Street, the Cherry Log Clubhouse or East Ellijay City Hall.

District E — Melba Gandy,, or call 706-635-3749, is your representative if you vote at the Big Creek Fire Station on Big Creek Road, Oakland Clubhouse on Highway 52 East or Yukon Fire Station on Yukon Road.

The committee will form subcommittees that focus on community action. Under consideration are groups that will  support the local food bank and the Faith, Hope and Charity Recycle Store. Five other subcommittees are in the process of forming: ad hoc county/municipal elections subcommittee, ad hoc Democratic Youth subcommittee, ad hoc subcommittee on LGBTQ issues and the standing subcommittee on affirmative action.  

Schedules were set for the Gilmer Democrats to get together on the third Thursday of the month. At six of the meetings, party business will be done; the remaining six will be social events. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 23. The time and place will be published in the Times-Courier.

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