Georgia Ag Commissioner: Freeze may hurt fruit crop

"The temperatures last night and those forecasted tonight could easily equate to hundreds of millions of dollar in consequences for many of our fruit and vegetable farmers. The early spring that we have been experiencing the last few weeks has led to early blooming of our peach crop and unfortunately the freezing temperatures killed any open flowers and possibly compromised emerging buds.  

Blueberry farmers fared a bit better last night with temperatures hovering right about freezing and a light wind in those producing areas, however they will be on close watch tonight as the temperatures are expected to dip below freezing. Our Vidalia onion growers also escaped any major damage so far, but again, tonight will be the true test as any frost damage to the tops could be an unwelcome pathway for plant diseases.  

And as we keep all of our farmers in harm’s way in our thoughts and prayers, we certainly cannot forget the unsung hero of our blooming crops, the honeybee. Any damage to the flowers of the crops will ultimately disrupt the cycle of the honeybee, which is so crucial to our produce industry."

— Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black 

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