Commissioners fine-tune budget

Two of three Gilmer County Commissioners convened a special called meeting Monday morning that lasted into the lunch hour to go over the 2016 budget, and several amendments were approved. Commissioner Dallas Miller was not in attendance.

“What we try to do – once a year normally in midyear, but this year it turned out to be September – is review the budget, and make sure that everything is going the way it should, and if there are any items that are over (budget), we want to try and find out what’s going on, and if we need to make an amendment to accommodate that, then we go ahead and do that,” Chairman Charlie Paris said.

Most of the department areas with overages were instances where “we thought the departments could absorb that,” he added.

“We do want the department (heads) to manage their budgets,” Paris said. “Just because a particular line item goes over, we don’t want to allocate more money. We want them to budget within that.”

However, several line items were amended, he added, including the revising of revenue estimates. 

“Most of these are reallocations from one department to another with no actual increase or decrease in funding,” Paris said. 

“We are doing this to more accurately reflect the actual costs associated with each department and elected official. 

“The most obvious one is the reallocation of bond and insurance costs that were previously bundled in the courthouse budget, and now is being distributed among the various departments and elected officials.”

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