Come meet local authors Oct. 8 at Gilmer Arts

Gilmer Arts is proud to offer a special meet-and-greet featuring its member authors at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 8. The event will take place in the Hawthorne Hall room inside  Gilmer Arts, located in downtown Ellijay at 207 Dalton Street. At least six of our member authors will be present to chat with attendees about their work and sign any books you care to purchase. Books by other member authors and previous visiting authors will also be available for purchase. 

Some familiar faces, such as Kathi Harper Hill, Joyce Southern Bennett, George McClellan and Richard Martin will be there with their books. 

You’ve likely read some of their columns, heard about them in our local newspaper or met them at local book signings around town.  Here’s another opportunity if you missed them, or you can chat with them again.  


Kathi Harper Hill

Kathi Harper Hill is a longtime Ellijay resident with a family history dating back to the Cherokees. She has written several books about Southern life here in the Appalachian foothills.  

Hill’s books include Falling, Out on a Limb of the Family Tree, The Year of Nine: Where the Rain Begins, Signs from God and a children’s book, The Crow and the Wind


Joyce Southern Bennett

Joyce Southern Bennett, another longtime local resident, will bring her newest book, Move Up the Mountain, along with her other inspirational works Streams of Gold and Beyond the Hill

If we’re lucky, she’ll also be bringing along a few of her CDs, which include gospel songs and her hilarious song “Granny’s Doing Wheelies with a Shopping Cart.”


George McClellan

George McClellan, a former NCIS Special Agent, moved to Ellijay in 1999 after his retirement from federal service. 

He will be at the signing with his biography about Robert McClellan, an early explorer who discovered the South Pass in Wyoming that became the Oregon Trail. Like his historical subject, George travels extensively and writes about those journeys in his columns and features in the Times-Courier


Richard Martin

Richard Martin is a former sports and feature writer. He also worked as a public relations director for Lockheed-Martin in Marietta before moving to Ellijay.  

Martin’s first foray into writing was a book of short stories, TGIF and Other Short Stories, which includes interesting twists and surprise endings. His latest books, a series entitled Adventures of a Problem Solver, involve an unusual private investigator  named Garrett Kannis and his even more unusual associates and clients.  


Tom Woodward

You may have spotted new member author Tom Woodward at a recent Labor Day book signing at the Walls of Books store in East Ellijay or heard about him in a recent Times-Courier article.  

Woodward, a former prosecutor, enthralls readers with Shortening Shadows, a fascinating new detective story set in the seedy underbelly of Atlanta in 1935. He will also bring his first book, Loose Ends, an eclectic mix of short stories each with a twist of mystery.  

Please come to downtown Ellijay early on the first Saturday of Apple Festival and enjoy this free event where you can meet Gilmer Arts’ member authors. Come chat with  them and learn about their passion for writing!

For more information about the event or Gilmer Arts, call us at 706-635-5605 or visit our website at 

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