Chamber releases second ‘Business Alert’ for crimes

The Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce has released its second ‘Business Alert’ in as many weeks Monday after two more area businesses were burglarized, one in Ellijay and one in the county.

Chief Edward Lacey of the Ellijay Police Department reiterated the points below and added that “no” alarm call should be ignored and that all calls should be treated as possible concern. 

“We would also like to encourage business owners to contact law enforcement (Ellijay, East Ellijay, sheriff — depending on jurisdiction) with anything they believe may be suspicious, regardless of how inconsequential they may believe the information could be at the time,” Lacey told the Chamber. He issued a few reminders:

﹣ You are encouraged to make nightly deposits to reduce the amount of cash on hand. 

﹣ Always set your alarm systems when closing up for the evening. 

﹣ Check (and double check) all exterior doors and windows to make sure they are secured and locked. 

﹣ Monitor your surroundings as you leave and report any suspicious activity to 911. 

In response to the recent concerns, the March 9 Gilmer Chamber luncheon will focus on how businesses can protect themselves and what to do in these type situations. Special guests who will speak and answer questions will be Lacey, East Ellijay Police Chief Larry Callahan and Sheriff Stacy Nicholson.

Registration is required to attend, but is open to the public. Contact the Chamber at 706-635-7400. 

The Gilmer County Business Alert Program is a partnership of the Gilmer Chamber and local law enforcement designed to update businesses and citizens of potential threats. The Business Alert program can be reached at

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