Cemetery flower thieves sought

A Yukon community resident is upset that someone is stealing flowers from the graves of loved ones. Clarsey Holman said it even appears the flower thieves are targeting certain graves.

“Someone is tearing up flowers and taking flowers from two gravesites at Harvest Missionary Church,” she said of the Yukon Cemetery plots. “The flowers on a nearby grave weren’t touched. Around a month ago someone took all the flowers off the (two) gravesites.

“I think I know who did it.”

Donald DeHart of Bernhardt Funeral Home said he has not heard any reports of vandalism at Yukon Cemetery, where the mortuary hosts a memorial service once a year on the fourth Sunday in July.

“Occasionally someone will have the flowers taken, which is not unique to that cemetery,” he said. “That happens all over the place. There’s been flowers taken over the years, like people taking them out of vases.”

He added he had not heard of any flowers being stolen after the memorial service when those who have lost loved ones bring flowers to leave at the graves.

DeHart said the timing of some of the thefts in cemeteries is heartless. 

“We’ve had a couple of funerals a few years back (at another cemetery) where people took all the flowers even before the family came back to see (the gravesite),” he said. “They actually took them off the grave.”

Holman said when she confirms who stole the flowers they will be “prosecuted to the fullest.”

She asks anyone with information about the thefts to call her at 706-276-1686. 

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