Upcoming water authority projects discussed

Ellijay-Gilmer County Water and Sewerage Authority (EGCWSA) board members heard updates on the progress of several projects planned to be start or be completed this year while meeting Tuesday, June 26. 

Gary McVey, water authority director, said contractor bids for a large-scale system improvement project in the New Hope area should be open by Aug. 16 following a bid advertising, prebid meeting and bidder question process. 

The project includes construction of a new water storage tank on New Hope Road that will replace an existing 75,000-gallon tank, as well as upgrading the Roberts Ridge pumping station and rehabilitation of a storage tank on Old Tails Creek Road.

“The plans and design have been submitted to the EPD for approval and we’re waiting to see if we get any comments back from them,” McVey explained. “I don’t expect these dates to be set in stone. I would like to have that bid opening in August after we receive word about whether or not we have some principal forgiveness.” 

McVey said the county commissioners will back the note to pay off a loan for the work.

“Funding-wise, we wanted to conduct this project similar to how we did the jail sewer project. We have the money to pay for it and we wanted to take advantage of the principal forgiveness and pay the loan off at the end,” McVey said. “GEFA (Georgia Environmental Finance Authority) was insistent that we ask the county to back the note. Because we’re going to pay it off when it’s completed, the county said they have no problem doing that.”

A CDBG (community development block grant) application for a proposed system extension project that will provide water service to the Roundtop/Sunlight Road area off Highway 382 has been submitted, but it will probably be October before the water authority knows if it will receive the funding.

Rehabilitation of the Fife Bridge water line inside Coosawattee River Resort is expected to begin in early July after hired contractor C.H. Kirkpatrick and Sons wraps a sewer project in Cartersville. 

“We really hope to have this done by the end of the month. We’re expecting a week to 10 days to get it done,” said McVey.

Installation of 2,500 linear feet of 8-inch pipe that replaces a failing section of 6-inch line from the Gilmer Civic Center to Legion Road was recently completed, McVey said. 

The Gilmer County Jail sewer extension project is fully operational and has been closed out with GEFA regarding loan payment, he added.

“I’ve talked to a couple of members from the county this month just to see if they have any issues and there have been no issues reported on that,” McVey said.


In other news...

﹣ The amount of lost water monitored in the East Ellijay zone has decreased since repairs were made to a leaky section of line near the Hardee’s restaurant on Industrial Boulevard in May. 

Because the current measurements are split between two months, a lower amount of lost water should be reflected in the East Ellijay zone next month, McVey noted.

“It went from 126 gallons a minute down to 68. We expect it to go way down next month. Hopefully we will reflect that more accurately in our zone numbers,” he confirmed.

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