A tip of the hat to Glenda Sue Johnson

The retirement of Glenda Sue Johnson as Clerk of Superior Court at the end of the month will mark the end of an era in Gilmer County. There’s several good reasons she was re-elected over and over, and only faced opposition on one occasion — her personality is pleasant and friendly, and having grown up here, she knows many longtime residents who come into the clerk’s office on a daily basis seeking help.

It could also be said she never met a stranger who stayed that way for long. Johnson’s willingness to spend time with newcomers, and listen to their issues and stories, have served all of us well. Many times, her office has been one of the first where people come to get information, search deeds and titles and try to get problems solved. In that way, her staff has made the county look good, and inviting, overall.

Johnson and her staff have attempted to help anyone who comes to the courthouse with courtesy and professionalism, and we might add, not a hint of impropriety through the years.

Chief Judge Brenda Weaver said Johnson has been “very helpful and patient with new attorneys.”

“She taught me a lot of things that you do not learn in law school,” Weaver said. “As the elected clerk, she continued her same willingness to help anyone who came to her office. She truly is a public servant who will be missed by all, including attorneys, judges and the citizens she was elected to serve.” 

We wish Glenda Sue Johnson a happy retirement, and hope we get to see her again and hear another of her wonderfully evocative stories.

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