One student hospitalized, another in custody after ‘substance’ used at GHS


One Gilmer High student has been hospitalized and another is in custody after one of the students brought a “substance” to school and shared it, a sheriff’s office spokesman said.

“There’s nothing major scary going on, but it probably looks that way since we got tons of people up there,” said Capt. Frank Copeland of the sheriff’s office, just minutes after students began reporting an incident through text messaging around noon Friday. “One kid gave another kid something, and the kid that received it got sick. They got the one kid who gave it to the other kid in custody at this minute. 

“So it’s kind of an ongoing, evolving thing. They may have the dogs up there looking for stuff to try to make sure there’s not something else up there that they need to be aware of. It was two kids doing some stuff they shouldn’t be doing, and one of them got sick.”

The student in the hospital is OK, Copeland said, adding medical personnel are “observing and monitoring” the student. He did not know if the student went to Piedmont Mountainside Hospital in Ellijay or Jasper. He also did not know the ages or genders of the students in question.

Copeland said he had “no idea at this point” if the substance was an illegal or synthetic drug, or pills that may have been taken out of a home medicine cabinet.

Superintendent Shanna Downs emailed a statement to the Times-Courier early Friday afternoon:

“One Gilmer High student was transported by ambulance after collapsing in class shortly after returning from the rest room. To my knowledge,  another student is being questioned in regard to the incident. We requested that GCSO bring in the drug dogs to search the classroom where the two students were at the time of the incident.”

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