Miller moved to Cobb jail after filing numerous complaints

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Mark Miller, a well-known Jasper and Ellijay attorney accused of taking as much as $2 million from client accounts, was shipped to the Cobb County jail April 13 after filing numerous complaints against conditions at the Pickens jail.

Miller had remained in the Pickens jail since June 2016. He was initially denied bond as Senior Judge Richard Winegarden said he didn’t feel comfortable releasing him. In December, he was granted a bond, but one so high his defense counsel said at the time it was effectively still no bond. The bond amount was lowered some in a February hearing, but still required him to put up $800,000 in property and $233,000 in cash for pre-trial release.

The Progress made an inquiry for the transfer details, and the sheriff’s office responded with a written statement.

It reads, “Mark Miller, an inmate with the Pickens Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Center, has been relocated to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center to be housed. The decision to house Miller in another facility is not an uncommon one with inmates that have had or may have issues in the facility that they are housed.”

The statement indicated that Miller’s grievances showed that he felt he was being “mistreated.” 

“In the filed grievances, Mr. Miller made complaints related to feeling threatened by inmates, not enough visitation time offered, multiple complaints on the quality of inmate clothing and shoes, detention center policies on mail, personal conflicts with detention center staff and quality of food being served,” the sheriff’s office response said.  

The response also noted, “Georgia sheriffs have the authority to house inmates in other facilities if the need presents itself. Due to Mr. Miller’s multiple issues that he identified through filed grievances, Sheriff Craig felt it best to reach out to another facility and request that he be housed.”

The transfer does not cost the local taxpayers anything extra under existing agreements among sheriff’s offices.

A sheriff’s official who did not want to be named, commented, “We’re running a jail, not a resort.”

Miller’s defense team of Ross Grisham and Scott Poole confirmed they were aware of the move but wanted to make no comment.

Earlier this year, the trial was scheduled to open in March with Judge Winegarden telling both sides to set aside three weeks for the trial that month. After that deadline was missed, however, both the defense and prosecution told the Progress in different interviews that they were ready to proceed but no opening date has been set.

DA Alison Sosebee said with a demand for speedy trail motion filed by the defense, they are required to have the trial before September, and she is prepared to meet that deadline.

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