Man surrenders as peeping Tom

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A Gilmer County man who was being sought last week for allegedly using a cellphone camera to take photos of a woman under her dress in the Fulton County town of Milton turned himself in Friday in Milton, according to East Ellijay Police Chief Larry Callahan. 

A local incident report notes he was arrested for doing the same thing in East Ellijay last month.

James Theodore Barron, 28, of 258 Lemmon Lane, was said by authorities to be the man who was caught on video cameras in the Walmart store in Milton, according to WSB-TV Channel 2

A woman told the station she was shopping at the Windward Parkway store when she noticed a man behind her, and after hearing two “clicks,” realized he had “just put his arm up her skirt.”

The woman took the man’s photo with her own phone and told him she was going to “put it all over the internet,” and he ran out of the store. 

The woman and her husband approached a Milton police officer outside the store to report what happened, and the officer began to search the parking lot.

The woman posted the man’s picture on the Next
Door app, and a Channel 2 employee saw it and forwarded it to the Milton police, who reposted it via Twitter.

“Police said Thursday that a detective in Gilmer County saw the story online and contacted Milton with the name of the suspect whom he arrested last month for the same offense,” Channel 2 reported. Warrants were issued for Barron’s arrest.

East Ellijay Police Chief Larry Callahan saw the online post of Barron and supplied an incident report to the Times-Courier dated April 18. 

Officer Tommy Long responded to Walmart that day and spoke with a woman who said Barron “made me feel uncomfortable” and “touched her on the shoulder and told her how beautiful she was, and said he guessed she was married because she had kids with her and was pregnant.”

“The female advised me he followed her all around the store and kept staring at her,” the report states.

A Walmart employee told superiors she saw the man who “appeared to be reaching under the shelves with his phone to take pictures of the female.”

A photo of the man, taken off camera footage inside the store, was placed on the East Ellijay Police Department Facebook page and “after just a few hours” Barron was identified and police learned where he worked in town. Long and Officer Noel Loera questioned Barron at work and arrested him.

“I asked him if he had ever been arrested and he replied, ‘Yes,’ (and) I asked him what for and he replied, ‘The same thing as this,’” Long stated in the report. 

“James said he learned his lesson last time, though.”

Long learned the Jasper Police Department had an “open investigation” on Barron for “the same type of incident in the Walmart store in Jasper,” according to the report.

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