Man charged with indecency, striking pregnant woman at ER

A Tails Creek community resident was arrested earlier this month for indecent exposure and striking a pregnant medical employee at the Piedmont Mountainside Ellijay emergency room while reportedly intoxicated, authorities said.

Roy Leon Davenport, 22, of 180 Davenport Lane, was charged Feb. 3 by the Ellijay Police Department with disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, public indecency, simple battery and simple battery against a pregnant female.

Office Trevor McClure went to the scene shortly after 11 p.m., noting in an incident report that Greg Arp, an investigator with the district attorney’s office who was off duty at the ER, “advised a patient had become combative.” Arp told McClure that Davenport was “extremely intoxicated” and had arrived by ambulance.

“(Davenport) had removed his hospital gown and was completely nude (and) yelling obscenities ... loud enough to be heard in the waiting area,” McClure said. “Myself and Arp tried repeatedly to calm (Davenport) down, but he only became more belligerent, (while) attempting to stand on the bed.”

Davenport had two lacerations on his forehead and several small cuts on his arms, the report states. Arp reported to McClure that Davenport had “struck himself in the head with a beer bottle.” Davenport also spit blood on a respiratory therapist when he and other hospital staff had tried to insert an IV needle into Davenport’s arm, Arp told McClure.

A hospital employee took Davenport to the radiology lab in a hospital bed for a CT scan of his head, with McClure and Arp following. When they got to the lab, Davenport “hopped out of his bed, removed his hospital gown and squared off with myself and Arp, (and) while completely nude, he stated, ‘Let’s go, boys’ and squared his shoulders with his hands balled into fists.”

After Davenport returned from the rest room in the nude, Arp attempted to cover him with the gown, but he refused to be covered. Upon returning to the emergency room area, Davenport “resumed yelling incoherent statements and frequent obscenities.” Davenport also exposed himself to the emergency room doctors and staff, as well as “small children and elderly females” present in the ER, McClure said.

As the on-duty doctor, with help from a registered nurse who was pregnant, tried to stitch the cut on his forehead, Davenport attempted to remove a covering from his face and lift his head from the bed. When the RN attempted to stop Davenport from removing the covering and damaging the stitches, he swung his right arm and struck her arm, knocking it away.

McClure and Arp were able to restrain Davenport’s arms as he resisted and the doctor completed the stitching, according to the report. Davenport used his hand to symbolize a pistol and made a motion as if he was shooting the doctor, and when Ellijay Police Officer Samuel Rosiles arrived on the scene Davenport became “very angry” and made a threat against one of Rosiles’ family members.

The female doctor read Davenport’s scan and cleared him for incarceration, then told officers his blood alcohol content was .247, more than three times the amount (0.08) deemed too intoxicated to drive a vehicle.

Davenport remained in the county jail Tuesday morning, according to a spokeswoman.

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