Letters to the Editor

Tribute to Annetta Bunch

There was never a more true southern lady than Annetta Bunch. She was also a very fine leader and friend.

Annetta was elected Citizen of the Year and did a super job writing for her fine newspaper, the Times-Courier, for many years. In 1992, I had the high honor of being elected Citizen of the Year, and Annetta had nominated me. She loved Ellijay and the people of our area. She always wanted the best for our community, and she used her leadership to make good things happen here.

Annetta Bunch was a great lady who will be greatly missed.

— Joe McCutchen, Ellijay


Headline was deceptive

I’d like to take issue with your editorial in the July 3rd issue of the Times Courier. There was no byline, but the title “Gerrymandering is unconstitutional” was purposely deceptive. This unnamed editor has appointed himself the interpreter of the U.S. Constitution. 

While he correctly presents the Supreme Court’s decision on the issue, he seems to have forgotten that the U.S. was a voluntary assembly of individual states, and that decisions of voting districts, and other restrictions belonged to each state. 

While many believe that the government in Washington, D.C., should control all issues, there has not yet been an amendment that the federal government should control everything. 

The deceptive title, while an editorial and not a news article, still gives credence to the “Fake News” fever and detracts from the credibility of our local paper.

— Rich Karolick, Ellijay


Thanks for state of county

Commendations to Charlie Paris and the Courier for the ‘State of the County’ articles.

So often we just grumble about paying taxes being ‘government theft’, because it seems that tax money just gets sucked down a black hole never to be seen again. 

These articles show exactly where the money went.  While many of us probably would prioritize at least one of the choices differently (do we need a new ambulance, school bus, or road equipment most?), none of the choices looked purely wasteful or unnecessary to me. When there is not an infinite amount of money, hard choices get made, and I commend the county commissioners for making them.  

Please add writing these articles yearly to the county commissioners’ job description and make this an annual event!

— Cindy Corn, Ellijay


Our borders must be secured

For the United States of America to continue as a sovereign nation, our borders must be secured. We have seen the terrible problem in Europe and the chaos it has caused in many of those countries. We have a horrible situation which has become a crisis at our southern border, and it must be stopped. The safety of our country is the number one job of our government.

Any foreign country involved in helping migrants cross our border should have to pay a price; if tariffs are needed to stop people from invading our country, then we must bear whatever consequences occur.

Also, any person or organization providing finances, information on how to work the system, or jobs to any person who is illegal is doing harm to our country and must be stopped.

Our lawmakers in Washington who oppose everything our president tries to do to stop this invasion must be held accountable. No taxpayer money should be spent to take care of these foreigners who are flooding in to our country, and this includes children. The adults, along with their children, must be sent back to their countries where they need to be working to improve their living conditions instead of coming here and turning this beautiful country into the awful conditions they helped create back home.

Do the people who claim to care so much about the illegal people care about our citizens who are suffering? Do they care about our citizens who have become addicted to the drugs being brought here by illegals?

Do they care about the filth and diseases we are seeing in so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities and states? Do they care about the communities being taken over by foreigners who do not share the values of our citizens?

It is my belief the people who claim to care so much about the illegals need to gather them up and take them back to their countries and then stay there and take care of their needs. They must stop trying to force these foreigners’ problems on the citizens of this country who are against bankrupting the United States to care for the people of other countries; countries that are emptying out their unwanted people and sending them here. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand if you give away everything you have, then someone will have to take care of you. Charity has to begin at home. If you have spare funds and want to give them away, do so, but don’t ever force others to do the same. Our country has no spare funds; we are borrowing money all the time to fund all these programs. Our national debt is over 22 trillion (yes trillion) dollars and increasing every minute.

This country has shown compassion for millions of immigrants; however, we must be able to determine who is allowed to enter and that they do so legally. Anyone who comes here without our permission is already a criminal and should be deported immediately; not housed and billions of our money spent on them. They are not our responsibility.

Our elected leaders are sitting up there in Washington drawing their enormous taxpayer funded salaries while allowing our country to be overrun by foreigners. If they cannot put a stop to this invasion, they need to resign NOW. Our military troops should be brought home from defending the borders of other countries and put on our borders, and they should be allowed to do whatever is needed to stop anyone from setting a foot illegally on American soil.

What could possibly be more important than the security of the citizens of this country, and this means securing our borders?

— Martha Wheeler, Ellijay


Protectors have great responsibility

How fortunate we are to have our protectors; policemen, firemen, soldiers, teachers, clergy, air traffic controllers, the FBI, the CIA and even politicians.

How tragic it is when they fail to protect us. We depend on these dedicated people to unselfishly sacrifice to protect us. It is a great betrayal when the protectors do not protect us or far worse, when they intentionally hurt us, destroy our property or even kill us. 

When a fireman intentionally starts fires, a policeman steals property or intentionally kills innocent people or fails to protect children from a mass shooter, when a soldier attacks his own troops or citizens or a bomber pilot destroys his own city, or when the FBI or CIA targets political opponents or even works for a hostile nation or when a politician takes actions that damage our country while enhancing his own political ambitions and lining his pockets or when a nurse injects poison into his patients, we are betrayed.

The very worst abuse by protectors is the failure to protect children and the people who are the most helpless and are easily taken advantage of, physically, emotionally or sexually. It is unthinkable that a protector would even kill a child. 

How tragic that a teacher or a clergyman would take advantage of a little child or that a parent would abuse or starve their own children. 

Maybe the ultimate betrayal of a protector is when a doctor kills instead of heals or even worse when a doctor and a parent conspire to inflict indescribable pain on a perfect little baby by dismembering it. 

How tragic when protectors become enemies!

— Roy Thompson, Ellijay

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