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Working for newspapers as long as I have, very little surprises me, usually. 

This is not to say the stories we print don’t interest me. They do. I enjoy telling the story of a community. Children smiling in a picture because of their success never gets old for me.

Sometimes government arguments over minutiae can get tedious, but we are the eyes and ears of Gilmer County.

As far as managing a newspaper, I come across the challenges most small business people do on a daily basis. Most surprising to me when I began managing my first newspaper is nothing is written in stone.

I thought when you reached management level everything was written in stone. Your bosses handed you a notebook which dealt with every situation and things were easily explained.

How naive.

On the news side, I have been threatened, sometimes very creatively. A few times I wondered if my pay was worth the intended bodily harm.

Monday morning was a new one for me. We had two customers contact us and tell us they received calls on Sunday attempting to scam them using the Times-Courier name.

As we have always known, our customers are an intelligent group. Neither one took the bait.

We have reported on scammers several times. 

One scam involved a threatened warrant if money wasn’t transmitted using a complex method of buying certain cards and sending them through a courier service.

Another scam involved the scammers claiming they were the grandchildren of the people and they were in need of desperate help.

A scammer using the Times-Courier name was  a twist.

As far as we can tell, the scammers were trying to get our customers to give out their credit card numbers by telling them they had a small balance.

One scammer had a foreign accent and the other had a southern accent.

To our customers and readers, please do not be fooled by someone calling you from the Times-Courier. If you get a call about paying a bill and you do not recognize the voice as one of our staff, please hang up and call our number directly — 706-635-4313 — to make sure you are talking to us.

One big hint, our office is closed on the weekends. We don’t transact business on the weekend, especially on a Sunday. If someone is contacting you on a weekend, it will be a reporter about a story.

We let the churches worry about Sunday collections.

Andy Ashurst is the publisher of the Times-Courier. He can be reached via phone, 706-635-4313, or email,

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