Beware of jury summons scam

If someone calls to inform you that you’ve missed jury duty and could be arrested, but it can be resolved by paying $200, disregard that call and contact authorities, a court officer says.

“The jury summons scam has hit this area again,” reported Gilmer County Clerk of Court Glenda Sue Johnson. “Some are calling my office just to make sure, and I am glad they did.”

Johnson revealed how the scam works. The scam caller tries to convince the listener that a warrant has been issued for their arrest because they missed jury duty.

However, the scammer continues, if the person will go to the post office or a store and get a money order — one caller asks for $200 — and send it to them, the scammer will ensure they will take care of it for them and they won’t be arrested.

“This has been going on for some time now,” Johnson said. “It seems to cycle back every so often. I have seen on TV news that a lot of elderly people get so scared they are going to be arrested, that they have sent funds to these people. At one time it was discovered that the scam was being operated from a prison.”

Johnson said “the only time” a county resident will get a phone call regarding jury duty will be if Sheriff Stacy Nicholson gives a courtesy call to remind someone they haven’t sent in their information sheet that was enclosed with their summons, and then did not show up on their designated court date.

“Paying money is never put in as an option,” she said. “If someone receives a call of this nature, they should call my office to verify at 706-635-4462.”

Also, call the sheriff’s office at 706-635-4162 to report the call, Johnson advised.

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