Probate Court has new access to records, payment options

Scott C. Chastain, probate judge of Gilmer County, is pleased to announce the release of a new website which will give the public greater access to Probate Court public records. The website,, gives the public the ability to search probate records and initiate some processes securely online.

For example, you can go to the website and begin the application process for marriage licenses and weapons-carry licenses. You will still need to come in to the office to complete the application, but by starting the application online, it will reduce your time spent at the probate office. The website was developed through a partnership with the Probate Court’s software vendor at no charge to the county, and will help the court stay on the cutting edge of technology as more and more things move toward web platforms.

The website is user friendly and safe, having the same level of data encryption and security as online banking. While Judge Chastain assures that the Probate Court is always happy to see you in person, we want to offer this option in an effort to expand our service to the community.

In an effort to further serve our community, Judge Chastain and his staff are pleased to announce that Probate Court is now accepting Visa and Mastercard credit card or debit card payments. A driver’s license, along with the card, will need to be presented to verify the cardholder. A small convenience fee will be added to the court fees or fines if you choose to use a card.

Also, you now have the ability to pay your traffic citation in the courtroom during traffic court. The process is quick, easy and convenient. This service is provided by EZCourtPay LLC.

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